Sometimes disabled people and their employers need support in the workplace. That’s what our Workable NI team does. 

If you are about to start a new job or are having difficulties in your existing job our team, located across N.Ireland, can help both you and your employer to ensure you are happy in your job. 

Through our Workable NI programme, we can provide advice and support that will be geared towards you and your needs. 

How we can help disabled people in work?

Workable NI supports 200+ disabled people in the workplace in Northern Ireland.

What do our participants think?

The support will be different for each individual and a member of our team will work with you and your employer to:

  • Help you to talk about issues with your employer, such as how your disability affects you in work and what tasks might be difficult for you
  • Improve your skills through training courses such as personal development, computer skills and work based training
  • On site support visits in your workplace which can help with things like changing hours or having a work 'buddy'
  • Organise training for people in your work to help them understand more about your disability
  • Linking up with people who can provide help with travel costs
  • Provide advice on the different types of benefits available to you & how to apply
  • Advise your employer about your rights in the workplace.  You can read more about this here.

You can get support through Workable NI if:

  • You have a disability
  • Are aged 16 or over
  • Are about to start a new job or are having difficulties in your existing job
  • Your job is 10 hours or more on a minimum of a 6 month contract

How long will the support last?

If you are in work, we will work with you and your employer for one year. If you need longer or shorter time at this stage this can be agreed with you, your employer and a member of our team.

"I was keen to explore other options for employment in this area. So with Disability Action’s help I applied for a Youth Worker training post with the Education Authority Youth Service LYNC programme. I was successful in my application and am currently employed as a Trainee Youth Worker!" Jenny Dolan


How we can help employers of disabled people?

180+ employers across Northern Ireland who employ disabled people are benefitting from support and advice through our Workable NI programme. 

The types of support include:

  • Disability awareness raising
  • Advice and guidance on reasonable adjustments
  • 1-1 job coaching and mentoring
  • Support to source specialised equipment
  • Support to source extra training
  • General advice to help solve disability issues in the workplace

"The support, guidance and direction provided by Disability Action (and Workable NI Claire Greene) has been a major contributor to Peter’s progress and I am delighted to share with you that in August 2021 he joined our Trainee Deputy Manager Programme." Testimonial from Peter's employer. Read the full story. 


Download our Workable NI leaflet

Employers appreciate the support that they receive to help with reasonable adjustments and the legislation in relation to the DDA. 

Get in contact with us

For more information contact:

Gillian Rainey, Workable NI Manager: T. 028 9029 7880, E. [email protected] 

Lisa McVeigh, Employment Support Programme Manager T. 028 9029 7880 E. 

About our team

Meet our Workable NI team and read stories on how they have supported disabled people and their employers in the workplace 

In this short video Employment & Training Officer Claire Greene tells us about the support she provides through the Workable NI programme. 

Workable NI is a programme funded through the Department for Communities.