We understand that your organisation might be small, without a vast number of employees. We understand that taking on a ‘Charity of the Year’ might be a daunting prospect!

That’s why we are different!

All we ask is that your organisation commits to supporting us 4 times in a year.

So, even if your organisation is small, it is easy to support your local charity - Disability Action.

We have a number of ready-made events/activity that you could choose to support. These could be:

  • Enter a relay team into the Belfast City Marathon
  • Consider payroll giving
  • Or do your own thing!


  • You will further enhance your reputation as an organisation that recognises the importance of applying and implementing a programme of Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Increased customer loyalty – Support for Disability Action is your statement of support and empathy for your disabled customers and their families.
  • You will be setting an example to other businesses in Northern Ireland of the importance of celebrating and recognising diversity, accessibility and inclusion.


  • A significant enhancement to our community based services.
  • We will be providing life changing, personal independence for a greater number of disabled people across Northern Ireland.
  • We will benefit from positive association with your organisation.



  • Good news stories/Promotion of events on Disability Action's social media platforms: Twitter (10.1k followers), Facebook (4,434 followers) and LinkedIn (400 followers).
  • Update stories of the partnership in magazines/press – local human interest stories of how the partnership is benefitting local people with disabilities.
  • Our Disability Action E-Zine has a distribution of over 1,500 and is also sent to our 100+ member groups across Northern Ireland - this will carry regular information and updates on the partnership.
  • Disability Action’s website will carry information about the partnership - Link between our 2 websites.

For further information, please email Moya at [email protected].