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The Disability Research for Independent Living and Learning (DRILL) Programme is the worlds first major disability research programme that is led disabled people.  Launched in 2015 it is a UK wide programme and Disability Action works with Disability Rights UK, Inclusion Scotland and Disability Wales.

What do we mean by independent living?

Independent Living means all disabled people having the same choice, control and freedom as any other citizen – at home, at work and as members of the community. 

This does not necessarily mean disabled people ‘doing everything for themselves’, but it does mean that any practical assistance people need should be based on their own choices and aspirations.

DRILL has it's own website and you can find out more information about the research that is being undertaken in Northern Ireland and across the UK. 

If you would like to find out more about DRILL, you can contact the Northern Ireland Programme Officer Karen Craig on 028 9029 7880 or email [email protected]

DRILL website

If you have an interest in disability research not related to DRILL then please contact Patrick Malone.