Wellbeing Hub Testimonial


Here's what some of our clients have to say about their experiences with our counselling service:

  1. From [Client's Name]: "Hi Maria, I just wanted to thank you and Disability Action for providing me with counselling at a time when it was greatly needed and you did so in a speedy fashion, which I'm also very grateful for. As the sessions progressed it was clear that more time was needed to address certain issues and without fuss you extended the sessions by a further 10 at no cost to myself. You clearly wanted to help me, and help me you did. You referred me to Karen Kearns, who is an amazing woman in every regard and I honestly could not have asked for or wished for a better person to assist me. From day one until we completed our sessions this week Karen was nothing but professional, understanding, caring and respectful. It’s clear these qualities are part of who she is by nature and not something she necessarily learned as part of her counselling career. Counselling definitely found her, she didn’t find it. I’ve thanked Karen in person, but I wanted to thank you for bringing her into my life and to make you aware that you have someone very special there. Don’t let her slip through your fingers. My life is a lot richer and happier because of Karen, and of course Disability Action brought us together. In closing Maria, the service you are providing is invaluable and long may it continue to help those who most need it. I’d also like to thank you personally, as it was you that I first spoke to and it was you that started the ball rolling. I found you to be caring and understanding too and you went out of your way to help me. I even received a call from you around 9pm one evening as you wanted to check in and to let me know you’d arranged my counselling. Thank you! My entire experience with Disability Action has been brilliant. Thanks for everything."