By leaving a gift to Disability Action, after ensuring your dependants and loved ones are provided for, you will be making a positive and lasting contribution in support of people with disabilities.

Making, or even updating, a will is easy. Just make sure that you use a solicitor.

A simple will can just state that you would like to leave a small percentage of your estate to Disability Action, and the rest to your family or loved ones, if that is your wish.

If you already have a will, you can update this with your solicitor at any time, and add in a percentage or amount to be left to Disability Action.

If you need information on finding or choosing a solicitor to make or amend your will, contact the Law Society of Northern Ireland by phone on 028 9023 1614 or visit


If you do decide to leave a gift to Disability Action, please tell us about it. Not only does this allow us to express our thanks and appreciation to you, it also means that we can plan for the future accurately and with confidence. Email Moya at [email protected]