During this challenging COVID-19 period, the Job Match team is providing our services remotely to participants, via one-one meetings via Zoom and phone calls, and face to face meetings on a priority basis, to ensure continuity of service and to support disabled people.

Helping disabled people to find the job for them, rather than just 'A Job'

Looking for and trying to get a new job can be a bit overwhelming. Our Job Match Supported Employment Officers (SEOs) can help with your Job Search & Job Preparation - helping you to find and stay in paid work.

Located across N.Ireland the Job Match team can support you - from updating a CV and matching your skills to get a job, completing a job application and preparing for interview to progress into paid work - to helping you explore a new business idea and support you on the road to self-employment.

The team will work with both you and local employers in your local area to get the right job for you. 

What can Job Match do for Job Seekers?

  • Help with job searching
  • Improve your confidence
  • Help you with a CV
  • Help with job applications
  • Develop your interview skills
  • Help to move into self-employment

How does Job Match work?

The great thing about Job Match is that the support you get is tailored specifically to you.  We can provide:

  • 1 to 1 support
  • Help to find work near your home
  • Job sampling/tasters
  • Work placements
  • Matching your skills to getting a job
  • Support in work
  • Support to develop your career

You can get help from Job Match if you:

  • Have a disability that means you need some type of support to work
  • Are aged 16 or over
  • Are currently unemployed or on benefits
  • Are able to take up paid work

Our support doesn't stop when you leave the Job Match programme:

Our team’s support doesn’t stop when a participant leaves Job Match; we provide an additional period of pastoral support to help them to sustain their job. As a result, we continue to grow the numbers of people in sustained jobs six months after leaving Job Match – currently nearly 50% (August 2021).

"From being anxious and nervous and thinking there was no chance of someone like me getting employment, to being employed in such a short space of time has been eye-opening. I fully appreciate my SEO Leona and the Job Match team. I have found this service to be fantastic." Testimonial from Job Match participant Sonia Oduor. Read her full story.


Read and download the Job Match 'Help to find and stay in paid work' brochure

Read some useful Health & Wellbeing Resources

Starting your own business and becoming self employed

Get in contact with us

Get in touch with a member of our team in your local area if you need support to find a job:

Job Match team contact details

For general information on Job Match contact Marty McLoughlin MIEP, Job Match Project Manager (Interim) on 028 9029 7880 or email [email protected].

About our team

Find out how Job Match team works with employers to find work for participants

Meet our Job Match team blog and read some of our recent stories on how we've helped disabled people to find work or follow a self employment route

In this short video below, Supported Employment Officer Laura Loane tells us how she continued to provide here service during COVID-19. You can also read Laura's full blog here.