Posted 08.04.2021

Nicky Clarke joined the Disability Action team over 15 years ago in an IT / Personal Development role, and then moved into the Workable NI Employment & Training Officer (ETO) role a few years later - supporting disabled people and their employers in the workplace.  

About her job Nicky says:

As an ETO I have the opportunity to work in partnership with employers to ensure that participants reach their full potential and sustain employment.

I like the diversity of my job, working with so many different employers in all sectors as well as employees at different levels of the workforce.

I have a particular interest in Assistive Technology and how it can improve employability, independence and efficiency for disabled people.  I am also part of the Disability Action Mental Health Charter Group and am passionate about protecting people’s Health and Well-being and seeing supportive working environments.

Nicky supports disabled people and their employers in the Belfast area. If you live in Belfast and need some support to address work issues give Nicky a call 07501 250224 or email her [email protected].

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