Posted 25.02.2021

2016 was bittersweet for Marana as she completed an Associate BSc in Creative Technologies with commendation but ended a rewarding role as a Creative Technologist for an Animation company due to business downsizing. 

After a period focused on caring for her family and supporting a disabled son, she was referred to Job Match by her Work Coach at Lisburn Jobs and Benefits Office. Marana started working with Marty McLoughlin from our Job Match team in December 2019.

Marana and Marty spent her first couple of months of the programme seeking employment in the creative sector. This was ongoing until the UK lockdown came into effect in March 2020. With both her boys at home and forced closure of businesses, she felt that opportunity for employment was moving farther into the horizon. 

Marana was quick to recognise an opportunity to pursue her long-time aspiration for self-employment. Her new venture, The PastryBase café, provides her with a creative outlet while also enabling her to spend time with her family. She is supported by her sons who work to serve customers and process payments. Marana acquired a disability in 2005 and the support of her two sons has been invaluable. They are also gaining valuable work experience at the Finaghy-based café while maintaining a routine and acquiring skills that will be advantageous in their pursuit of work.

PastryBase has given Marana a profound sense of purpose and she has gained so much confidence from meeting customers and building her business from the ground up.

She has appreciated the reassuring presence of Marty from Job Match from before and after opening her café.

Go to PastryBase on Facebook to find out more about Marana’s wonderful new café.

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