Posted 12.11.2020

Having graduated in July this year from Liverpool John Moores University achieving a 2.1 result in BA (Hons) Human Resource Management Dearbhla returned home to start her job search. She already knew it was going to be difficult because of her disability, but the COVID-19 pandemic made it more difficult and stressful. After numerous rejections Dearbhla decided to sign up for the Job Match programme.

I followed Disability Action on LinkedIn and always saw their posts about Job Match but never thought I would be able to apply. I contacted Disability Action and received a reply straight away. I met with Paula Houston (Supported Employment Officer) and got myself signed up.

Dearbhla applied for job at the HSC Business Services Organisation (BSO) and got an interview.

As I have a speech problem interviews are a real struggle for me. Paula helped me a lot; coming up to my interview she video called me and gave me some good interview tips as well as contacting HSC BSO to make special adjustments for my interview. As my speech gets very bad in interviews the special adjustments allowed me to read over the questions 10 minutes before and allowed me extra time in the interview. It also helped knowing the interview panel knew about my speech problem so they could understand why I was struggling and gave me time to answer the questions.

Our Employment Engagement Officer, Tommy Cairns, contacted HSC BSO on Dearbhla’s behalf to make suitable adjustments for the interview.  Dearbhla made a great impression and took up a temporary post for a period of 4 weeks.  HSC BSO worked closely with Tommy to put suitable arrangements in place for Dearbhla to join the HSC Pension team.

Erinne Proctor of HSC BSO Pensions said:

Dearbhla has been a great addition to the team. With the arrangements recommended with Disability Action she has settled in well in the office and has now had her temporary post extended. Dearbhla is proven that she is very capable to carry out her duties within the Pension office and is working well with all of her team members.

Dearbhla continued:

I am so pleased to have got a full-time job within the organisation. I couldn’t have done it without the help of Paula and Tommy.  I would encourage anyone who is struggling to find a job or doesn’t have the confidence to enter the world of employment to sign up for the Job Match programme. I’m so glad I did!


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