Posted 07.08.2020

Heather Logan is a Job Match Supported Employment Officer for the Mid Ulster and Causeway Coast Area. During lockdown she has continued to recruit participants to the programme - including John who has written to us to show his appreciation to Heather specifically and Disability Action in general.

I am writing this email to you to convey my ongoing gratitude, respect and admiration for Heather Logan as my support worker. 

I use the word ongoing because I will never forget our first ever phone conversation where she seems to have that special gift which not all of us have of quite exceptional speaking skills in terms of conveying to other people through her tone and sincerity a sense of empathy and affinity with their plight.

I have never met Heather in person, but I am sure she is indeed deemed worthy of the adjectives I have used above. Sincerity and integrity are also themes which are communicated through telephone calls. She makes one feel valued and she appears to go beyond the '9-5 do my job bit' as it were, always going the extra mile to help me out in a variety of ways.

In fact, I do not think that this email is doing Heather justice by adequately expressing just how wonderful a support worker Heather is. 

I hope Heather is valued as an employee of Disability Action as much as she has made me feel valued, and equally I value her.

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