We offer a course of training sessions to assist people with a learning disability to pass their theory test.  The course runs for 6 weeks, two hours a week costing £150 per person per course payable in advance. 

The sessions are held in Disability Actions’ offices in Belfast, Derry~Londonderry and Dungannon.  We can also on request run these courses from local community centres or colleges.  

What does the course cover?

The course covers all subjects contained within the theory test and practice on the hazard perception test.  By the end of the course you should be able to: 

  • Show you are aware of dangers
  • Identify road signs and traffic signs
  • Identify bad drivers
  • Identify faults on your vehicle
  • Identify safety margins
  • Identify hazards and the main causes of collisions
  • Show that you know the rules of the road
  • Know how to deal with incidents/accidents
  • Complete the hazard perception test
  • Be familiar with the language and terminology used in the test

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered through:

  • Lecture
  • Group discussion
  • Quiz’s and practice tests
  • Visual aids ie pictures, video etc

If you would like to be added to our list for a future course please contact Angela or Laura on:

Telephone: 028 9029 7877
Textphone: 028 9029 7882
Email: [email protected]