Posted 22.04.2021

Jayne Steele is a Clerical Officer employed by Habinteg Housing Association (Ulster) Ltd. Over 10 years ago she was diagnosed with Progressive MS.

Jayne tells us:

As the years have progressed my mobility has deteriorated. Throughout this time I have continued to work with the support of my employer, Habinteg Housing Association (Ulster) Ltd, who introduced me to Disability Action and their Workable NI team who work with disabled people in their employment settings.

After some initial meetings Jayne started Workable NI in October 2019 and Eilish Wright, one of our Employment and Training Officers, was appointed to work with Jayne.

Jayne continues:

I have been given extra support to remain in my job and have the right interventions to make the working environment work for me.  It’s reassuring to know that I can pick up the phone or speak to Eilish in person if I’m struggling with work. She also makes herself available to attend meetings with me and my Employer to make any necessary changes.

Disability Action’s Workable NI programme has provided the support when I needed it and Eilish has suggested options available to me which I maybe haven’t thought of.  It’s nice to be able to talk to someone outside of my normal environment who understands.

Eilish Wright explains:

In my role in the Workable NI programme I encounter people, like Jayne, sometimes in complex situations, and assist them to enjoy their job with whatever support is needed. Habinteg is a very supportive Employer and very receptive to providing adjustments for their staff in the workplace.

The support from Disability Action and her Employer has allowed Jayne the opportunity to continue with her independence within the working environment.

Jennifer Murray, Jayne’s Line Manager in Habinteg, tells us:

As an organisation we are proud that we have great staff like Jayne working here. Being able to link Jayne with Eilish, as Employment and Training Officer with Disability Action, ensures we learn how best to support Jayne at the times she needs this, which in turn ensures the organisation maintains the essential skill and experience Jayne brings.

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