Posted 15.03.2021

Over the next few weeks we'll be introducing our Workable NI team who provide support to disabled people who are about to start a new job or are having difficulties in their existing job.  The team works with many great employers to introduce positive change and recruit and retain valuable staff.

Gillian Rainey has been jointly managing the Workable NI programme for the last three and a half years, working with the team based throughout N.Ireland. Gillian says:

I enjoy the challenges as we endeavour to support disabled people and their employers in their workplaces. Workable is a flexible, person centred programme that is put in place to address work issues and difficulties. We have a high success rate of moving people into open unsupported work but also provide long term support to those who need it to retain their employment.

If you want to know more about Workable NI contact Gillian Tel: 07944 361393 or Email: [email protected].

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