Posted 04.08.2021

From being anxious and nervous and thinking there was no chance of someone like me getting employment, to being employed in such a short space of time has been eye-opening.

After Sonia Oduor’s husband was made redundant having worked with the same firm for 20 years, life became very difficult for Sonia and her family. Sonia hadn’t worked for nearly 20 years so knew very little about the job market and she thought her disability would deter her in finding a job. 

Sonia’s work coach in universal credits directed her to Job Match, and with support and encouragement from Job Match Supported Employment Officer (SEO) Leona Donnan, life was really turned around for Sonia and her family and Sonia has found employment.

Sonia says:

I got in contact with Job Match and the same day I was contacted and was given the name of my SEO and told she would be in contact with me. Leona contacted me the very next day and we went through what Job Match was, what they could help me with and also chatted about my experience and qualifications.

I came off that call feeling much more confident and positive about my future of actually getting back into work. That even with my disabilities, I wasn’t useless.”

Leona sent Sonia details of potentially suitable jobs, and Leona assisted Sonia with application forms when needed. Sonia needed a letter from her doctor about her disabilities and Leona and the team helped her get this sorted.

I have found this service to be fantastic.

Sonia also took part in one of our Job Preparation Workshops which helped her to understand the job market which she found very beneficial and comments:

Things have changed a lot in 20 years.

Sonia has found employment with Leona’s help.

There are some issues that need to be ironed out about my health and adjustments to how I cope with the job, but I fully trust Leona and the team to help in these situations.

All in all the experience has been great. From being anxious and nervous and quite frankly thinking there was no chance of someone like myself getting employment, to be employed in a short space of time has been eye opening. 

I fully appreciate Leona and the Job Match team for helping me.

If you need some support to get back into work contact our Job Match team in your local area. Read more here.