Posted 22.07.2021

Our Workable NI team provides quality person centred support and guidance to employers and disabled employees to address work issues and difficulties.  The Workable NI programme facilitates positive change for all involved and sustains employment.

The team can help disabled people to talk about issues with their employer, such as how a disability affects them in work and what tasks might be difficult, organise for a disabled employee to have a work 'buddy', or organise training for colleagues to help them understand more about a disability. The support will be different for each individual.

In a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, Laurie Henneborn, MSLIS, Managing Director at Accenture Research offers five key tips on how to make it safe for employees to disclose their disabilities:

  1. Bold Role Models
  2. Enterprise-Wide Training on Inclusive Practices
  3. The Space to Be Creative
  4. Formal Mental Wellness Policies and Programmes
  5. Supportive and Supported Employee Resource Groups

Read the full article in the Harvard Business Review

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