Posted 03.12.2020

The above are the words of the parents of Peter Gray, a Workable NI participant who has been supported in the Workable programme for many years by Employment & Training Officer Norma Bolton.

Peter has worked (part-time) in Ten Square Hotel for some years now.  He has been furloughed since March and at the moment his parents Gillian and David Gray have no idea what will happen to his future employment. 

Gillian and Peter Gray wrote to the Workable NI team to show their appreciation of the support provided by Disability Action. 

Life has not been easy for Peter, and during his childhood his father and I found the support for children with special needs was patchy, to say the least.  Of all the agencies we encountered from the time Peter was statemented at the age of 5, we have found Disability Action to offer the best, most caring and practical help for someone in Peter's situation.  For many years Norma provided excellent support for Peter, and his father and I cannot speak highly enough of her.  I know that going forward there may be issues to deal with in relation to Peter's employment and we just hope things will work out well for him.

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