Posted 20.05.2021

Studies have shown that disabled people perform comparably to their peers without disabilities and that in many cases disabled people perform above expectations. Disabled employees are accountable to the same job standards as non-disabled employees. 

Our Job Match Employment Engagement Officers, Tommy Cairns and Michael Moore, work with employers across the province to explore available roles and the skills required, to open up opportunities for disabled people and find sustained paid employment for our Job Match participants.

Micheal Grogan with support and guidance from our Education & Training, Job Match and Workable NI teams secured paid employment as a Catering Assistant with Mount Charles Catering, Portadown. Micheal’s Manager at Mount Charles, Megan Anderson, said:

Mount Charles has always been an equal opportunity employer and has a great positive approach to employing and sustaining disabled people. Michael has been a great example of someone who with the correct support and help can become a valued member of the team.

Experience and evidence suggest that employing a disabled person will be an asset to any business and will help to develop new and innovative ideas, products and services, as well as promoting the your brand as an employer of choice through investing in a diverse and inclusive workforce.

If you want to widen your recruitment pool to find suitable candidates contact Tommy 07970 753248 [email protected] or Michael 07970 226903, [email protected].

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