Posted 22.02.2021

As an Independent Advocate, Maura McNeill’s job ranges from representing an individual with a one-off issue to developing a long-term professional relationship where an individual contacts Maura whenever they need her or have an enquiry, as was the case with Ms B who Maura represented over a period of a couple of years. 

Ms B was diagnosed with fibromyalgia along with other complications,” explains Maura. “I supported Ms B by accompanying her to any meetings regarding her care package or with any other professional meetings.”

Due to Ms B’s health condition she finds it difficult to remember some points that she wants to discuss during a meeting. “Ms B found it more helpful to write any topics down when they were fresh in her mind and email them to me prior to a meeting; I was then able to remind her of these during a meeting. Ms B and I also met prior to any meeting to discuss the objective of the meeting and what outcomes she desired,” said Maura.

On Ms B’s request Maura also liaised with her Social Worker and other health or social professionals to resolve any issues she was experiencing or help get answers to any queries Ms B had.

If you could benefit from our Advocacy Service in the Western Health & Social Trust area contact Maura - Mobile 07813 723512 or email [email protected].

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