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A brief history of disability in NI.


1990's: Rights Now Campaign grew in strength and disabled people took to the streets to protest about the lack of rights.

1991: PPRU Survey on disability produces the first study of numbers and circumstances of disabled people in Northern Ireland.

1993/1994: Ceasefires called in NI by paramilitary organisations.

1995: Disability Discrimination Act comes into law.

1996: NI Disability Council regulations passed for it's creation in NI.

1996: Disability Rights Fund established with £1 funding from EU Peace Programme.

1998: Good Friday / Belfast Agreement is signed in Belfast.  This is widely acknowledged as the end of the 'troubles'.

1988: The Northern Ireland Act 1998 brings forward legislation that will establish devolved governments in NI.  Many elements also relate to equality and human rights provisions.

1998: Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act brings forward Statutory Duties to promote equality of opportunity and good relations (which includes disabled people).

1999: Equality Commission takes over the function of the Northern Ireland Disability Council.