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A brief history of disability in NI.

1945 – 1960

1948: Health Services Act (NI) 1948 is passed in Northern Ireland along with other legislation such as the National Assistance Act.  Keeping in line with developments in England.

1948: Mental Health Act passes and move towards a more therapeutic approach albeit in institutional settings.

1950’s: By the end of the 1950’s inpatient numbers at psychiatric hospitals are peaking.  Hollywell having over 800 residents and Downshire over 1,100.

1950’s: A standing Committee on disability under what is now the Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action (NICVA) is established and would eventually become Disability Action.

1959: Muckamore Abbey Hospital opens to offer treatment through training for people with learning disabilities.

1960: Parkanaur College opens as a specialist further education college for students aged 18+.