In the Western Health and Social Care Trust, Disability Action provides an Advocacy Service specifically for people with a physical or sensory disability. Our advocates work with disabled people in the community and hospital settings. The service is:

  • confidential

  • provided free of charge, and

  • independent, which means the advocate can work in partnership with people, with no conflict of interest.

Information on this service is also available in Easy Read.

Who can use the service?

To access the service you have to be an adult with a physical disability, a sensory disability or a brain injury and live within the Western Health and Social Care Trust area (or be under their care).  

How can the Advocate help you?

  • The Advocate supports people with disabilities to understand their rights and help you to speak up if you unhappy about how they have been treated.

  • The Advocate will listen to the you and identify the options available to you. Once you have made a decision on how you want to deal with the situation, the Advocate will support you to take action and say what you want.

  • The Advocate is also there to ensure that people with disabilities have choices about their lives; have access to the services they need and supports you to say how you want to live.

Non-instructed advocacy

The Advocate also provides non-instructed advocacy, when a person cannot give a clear indication of their views or wishes in a specific situation.  In these cases, the Advocate works to uphold the person’s rights, ensure fair and equal treatment and access to services and make certain that decisions are taken with due consideration for the person’s individual wills and preferences.  

Anyone involved in a persons care can make a request for an Advocate to become involved but the Advocate will always act only for the individual and not for the person making the request.

Making a referral

Anyone can make a referral to the service.  If you would like to contact an Advocate please telephone 028 7136 0811 and someone will take a message and pass it onto an Advocate. 

You can also directly contact our Independent Advocate Maura McNeill on Mobile: 07813 723512 or email her [email protected]