The Strategic Advisory Group is made of disabled people who have an interest in Disability Action’s work. They may use some of our services or have an interest in campaigning and policy.

Some examples of how the Strategic Advisory Group really influence our work include the design of our new logo, the development of our new strategic plan and informing policy papers.

Nicole Gorman“I joined the Strategic Advisory group because I am passionate about challenging the current societal status quo in respect of disabled people being denied their rights. I believe very strongly in the work that Disability Action does and I enjoy playing my part in ensuring that they continue to stay true to the values of 'nothing about us, without us."

The group meet around once a month and agendas are always varied.  If you are a disabled person and would like to get involved please apply and we will get in touch with more information.

We will pay for your travel costs, any support costs and we usually even throw in lunch.

It’s an opportunity to get together with other disabled people from across Northern Ireland and inform our work.

George McDowell – “I joined the Strategic Advisory Group to advance the rights of disabled people and influence decision makers, as this group affords me the opportunity to do so in a way that I would not otherwise have”