We engage with disabled people, organisations and government in a number of groups and forums.  We may be very involved, for example, Co-Chairing a group or just have a member of staff attend.  A list of the groups and forum we are involved with a listed below.

Children with Disability Strategic Alliance

Children with Disabilities Strategic Alliance (CDSA) brings together organisations across the Children's and Disability sectors.  It is jointly chaired by Children in Northern Ireland (Ci-Ni) and Disability Action.  The CDSA meets regularly and its main focus is to ensure that the policy impacting on the lives of children and young people with disabilities is informed by a rights based approach.

Disability Action Co-Chairs this group. If you are an organisation working in the area of children or disability and would like to get involved please contact our Head of Policy Nuala Toman M: 07967 322639, E: [email protected].

Physical Sensory Disability Strategy Implementation Group

The Physical and Sensory Disability Strategy Implementation Group directs, co-ordinates and manages the project infrastructure and implementation of the Physical and Sensory Disability Strategy and Action Plan 2012-2015. (This strategy has been extended until 2018.)

Disability Action Co-Chairs this group. If you would like further information about the strategy, action plan or progress to date please contact visit the Health and Social Care Board Website.

Active Living No Limits Strategic Project Board and Forum

The Active Living No Limits (ALNL) Strategic Project Board is a sector led and cross-Departmental policy development group established to develop a Strategic Action Plan and investment framework to increase opportunities for and participation in sport and active recreation for people with disabilities.  This group has since been expanded to an ALNL Forum to oversee the delivery of the action plan.

Disability Action Chair the group.  For further information on this work please visit the Sport NI website.