Posted 01.07.2021

It's Volunteers’ Week 2021 (1 – 7 June) which provides an opportunity for all of us to recognise the invaluable and often unseen contribution volunteers make to our communities. 

ONSIDE wants to recognise and say thanks to its volunteers who have gone above and beyond for its participants during the most difficult of years. They have had such a positive impact on participants’ lives despite the pandemic and its restrictions.

Social media campaign ‘Unlocking the Internet in lockdown’

To celebrate #VolunteersWeek we are running a social media campaign ‘Unlocking the Internet in lockdown’ which gives our volunteers a platform to tell their story of volunteering and what being a Peer Volunteer means to them.

Elaine Roub, Peer Volunteer Co-ordinator said:

Disabled people are disproportionately ‘non internet users’ so when COVID hit, many disabled people were left stranded, alone in their own homes with no contact to the outside world. Our volunteers work diligently behind the scenes assisting the ONSIDE team in digitally upskilling participants and supporting them one on one, connecting them to the outside world.

Over the next seven days our volunteers will tell their blend of stories of overcoming adversity and the life enhancing power of volunteering. We hope their stories will inspire and influence others to become involved in volunteering. If you would like further information about our Peer Volunteer work or to get involved, contact Elaine by telephone/Whatsapp or text 074 2370 3400 or email: [email protected].

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