Posted 27.02.2020

As an organisation, Disability Action is acutely aware of the benefits of Social Media for our community. It empowers, connects and amplifies our voices.

We are sadly also aware of it’s use to spread hate, to bully and demonise disabled people here and around the world.

Over the course of our 33 year history, we have worked tirelessly to challenge toxic narratives that are deeply entrenched in our society.

We continue to do this in partnership with our colleagues, member organisations, Statutory Bodies and all Political Parties.

The challenge for Northern Ireland lies in the need for better education around disability. The best people to educate in respect of disability are disabled people themselves. Disabled people are ready, willing and waiting to do this.

The responsibility for prioritising and resourcing this important work lies with Government.

We respectfully call on the Minister of Education Mr Peter Weir to seize the opportunities for co-production presented in ‘New Decade, New Approach’.

We call on him to work with our community and strengthen educational provision on disability equality at all levels.

We are ready and waiting.