Posted 5.12.2018

This is is Stephen Millar who works for Ian McBride construction as a labourer in the North Antrim area. Stephen is a very hard worker, never misses a day and is very enthusiastic about his work and is someone who loves getting his hands dirty!

Ian says "Stephen is a great worker and whilst we understand he needs support in some areas his enthusiasm, willingness to get stuck in and outgoing personality mean that we love having him around and value his daily contribution to our work”.

When Stephen first joined the Workable programme in 2015 he had very little confidence in himself and was quite shy and nervous. Over the last 3 years his self-confidence has sky-rocketed and he believes that it is down to the support he receives from Ian and his colleagues as well as Colin from Disability Action Northern Ireland who visits regularly advising on what adjustments to make for certain tasks and supporting him when he is learning new tasks.

Well done Stephen!

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