Live performance and digital technology come together to advance the future of live inclusive art, music and theatre

Recipe for Disaster - live online performance leads the way in future inclusive audience experience

Performance: Sat 3 December 6pm

Booking:  Tickets are free, Register here:

To celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities on Sat 3rd of December, Big Telly Theatre Company in collaboration with Disability Action will stage a live performance Recipe for Disaster in Brick Moon which is a ground-breaking inclusive digital art space.  Recipe for Disaster brings together 15 artists including Malojian, Alice McCullough, Molly Martin and Joe Kenny in a virtual space- exploring what is possible in audience engagement within inclusive spaces.

This showcase of NI’s most talented musicians, poets and visual artists is followed by a live theatrical cookalong ‘Recipe for Disaster with Paula McIntyre MBE Celebrity Chef and a cast of disabled actors at an event which has been referred to as the ‘wedding of the year’. ‘Recipe for Disaster’, promises carnage, culinary delights and lots of craic! The exact opposite of a quiet night in, you are cordially invited to another extraordinary DIY wedding online, catered by top class chef and High Sheriff, Paula McIntyre (MBE).  This time in a new inclusive digital space.  Part show, part- cookery class, Paula, along with a talented cast of disabled actors promise to give you the ‘wedding of the year’

This year the theme of International Day of People with Disabilities is ‘Innovation for disability-inclusive development”.  Big Telly Theatre Company and Disability Action have risen to the challenge through the co-creation of an inclusive performance space.

Speaking in advance, Nuala Toman, Head of Policy at Disability Action said:

“It has been an absolute privilege to partner with Big Telly Theatre on this important project which significantly advances inclusive audience experiences.  For too long we have expected disabled people to fit in to spaces which have not been designed for us.  Recipe for Disaster and Brick Moon take us into a completely new inclusive space where anyone can perform and enjoy performances!”

“Together we have brought together some of the most talented artists and performers for a unique celebration where everyone is welcome and barriers to participation in creative work and theatre have been removed.  The team has built a world that explores a completely new space to engage audiences in storytelling and play”.

Zoe Seaton Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Big Telly Theatre Company said:

“Expect to experience everything from experiencing sound as colour to mixed up prawns.  Recipe for Disaster is a fully inclusive performance in which we have taken our experience in theatre gaming to new frontiers working with talented disabled artists.  I have been incredibly inspired by working with the cast for Recipe for Disaster and look forward to new collaborations”.

“The most exciting aspect of this work has been creating with deaf and disabled people and producing a totally new kind of experience which overcomes societal barriers.  This virtual production offers new creative forms of expression opportunities for performers, musicians, artists, and creatives. I am looking forward to more collaborations of this kind”.

For further information please contact Nuala Toman, Head of Policy Disability Action on 07967 322639 or [email protected]


1. Disability Action is the largest Northern Ireland wide pan-disability organisation working with disabled people with various disabilities: physical disabilities, learning disabilities, sensory disabilities, hidden disabilities and mental health disabilities.

2. Big Telly Theatre Company is Northern Ireland’s Theatre Company with a small team and international reach.

3. Brick Moon is a fully inclusive art and performance space built by Big Telly Theatre Company. Website: 

4. Recipe for Disaster is a fun immersive cookalong with Paula McIntyre with a cast of talented disabled actors.

Trailer of previous Recipes- 

Audience response from ‘Recipe for Disaster - Cheese Souffle’

‘Loved it guys! Best way to spend a Saturday night.’

‘Brilliant, loved it! Never cooked so fast in my life.’

‘BIg Telly in my belly’

‘The Big Telly Magic. Suddenly, I’m with a whole crowd of people, despite lockdown and like a real wedding. Feel a bit choked up’

‘Loved it’

‘I think I caught the bouquet’