Posted 03.11.2021

Disability Action has previously expressed our concerns to the Infrastructure Minister Nicola Mallon on the issue of Pavement Parking, so we fully support the Minister's 'Think Before You Park' campaign to raise awareness in N.Ireland of the dangers of pavement parking.

Irresponsible pavement parking affects disabled people, older people, parents with prams, children on bikes and many more. It's time for drivers to realise the negative impact that this has on other road/pavement users and to make better choices when choosing where and how to park.

Pavement parking excludes others from using the pavement which is unacceptable.

When you park on the pavement, you force people in wheelchairs into the road, putting them in danger.

When you park on the pavement at a junction, you obstruct the driver’s view and they can’t emerge safely.