Posted 19.05.2021

We just wanted to thank you all for the difference you and your team have made not only to Sean but our home life as well.

Last year Sean was referred to Disability Action's Training Support Service and specifically to our  Employment & Training Officers Louise McGarrity and Brenda McAninley who have been supporting him in his studies. His parents Sharon and Dwain Gervin have written to us expressing their gratitude.

Sean's mum tells us:

Sean has many complex needs and amongst other things he suffers from autism, global development delay, PTSD, low self-esteem and anxiety. School has always been a battle for Sean and he has never engaged in homework.

In September 2020 Sean enrolled in South West College (SWC) Dungannon to do Engineering level 1. Very quickly Hannah, SWC's Employment & Training Officer, assessed his needs and referred him to Disability Action where he was supported by Brenda, via zoom calls, to help build his confidence and people skills.

Over the course of a number of weeks Brenda built up a relationship with Sean via zoom before they started the task of doing weekly maths sessions. This one to one session has enabled Sean to pass his level one maths and given him a major boost.

Sean's mum continues:

He is beaming with pride and the difference this has made to his overall outlook on things has completely turned around his attitude and participation in school life.

For two weeks now we have watched Sean with pride doing his homework every night unprompted. During Sean’s 12 years of education every morning was a battle to get him to school, many days taking 2 hours to get Sean to leave the house. In the past two weeks Sean is preparing his stuff for school the night before, getting up on his first call and being in school at least 20 minutes early.

On enrolling in Tech Sean's parents were worried that he was just passing his time there:

Sean now has great hopes for the future, as do we for him, due to all your hard work. The work and care Louise, Hannah and Brenda have given Sean has been nothing but outstanding. The improvement in his confidence and self esteem since he has been told he has got his maths is heart warming to witness.

The way he prepares and is ready for school each day has turned our home from a battle ground to a wonderful picnic in the sun.

From the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you ❤️

Sharon and Dwain Gervin 

Many thanks to Sean's parents, Sharon and Dwain Gervin, for sharing this story.

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