Posted 23.02.2022

Don't miss Maria Morgan, Mental Health Counsellor at Disability Action, in Conversation with Mental Health Champion Siobhan O'Neill to celebrate International Women's Day.

Disability Action have recently launched a Mental Health and Wellbeing Pilot which has the aim or promoting and protecting mental health. At the heart of our delivery is 'empowerment', 'informed decision making', and encouragement to access and develop techniques to improve personal and emotional resilience and promote independent living.

Together Maria and Siobhan will explore the importance of protecting mental health and wellbeing in an everchanging world. They will share key strategies for promoting wellbeing and consider how to advance mental health and wellbeing in the current context.

Professor Siobhan O'Neill is the NI Mental Health Champion and Professor of Mental Health Sciences at Ulster University. Siobhan is a leading global expert in the field of mental health. Siobhan has received significant recognition for her work in suicide prevention.

Join us on Tuesday 1 March at 1pm.

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