Posted 03.12.2020

In the Western Health & Social Care Trust, Disability Action’s Independent Advocate Maura McNeill works with individuals with a wide range of issues. In her experience each of these cases are very personal and important to the individuals who have reached out to seek support and guidance.

An example of a very personal and specific issue was presented by Mr X, who received support in the form of three care calls a day, including an evening call where the carers assisted him to bed. Initially the schedule for this final call of the day suited Mr X perfectly, but over time the carers arrived earlier, resulting in Mr X missing his favourite TV show.

Maura said:

This issue was easily rectified by contacting the Care Agency and asking for them to emphasise the scheduled times for Mr X’s care calls to their employees. I also informed Mr X’s Social Worker of my interaction with the Care Agency on his behalf.

After a period of time had passed, I contacted Mr X to check in on his care schedule. He confirmed that he was still enjoying his TV program with no interruptions.

As the issue was solved, I informed Mr X I would be closing his case but if he did observe the times slipping back he should not hesitate to contact me again.

Anyone can make a referral to the service. If you live in the Western Health & Social Care Trust area and need to make a referral to our Advocacy Service contact Maura McNeill, Tel: 028 7136 0811 Mobile: 07813 723512, Email: [email protected] 

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