Posted 11.11.2021

Disabled people have Human Rights. How do we hold government to account if they are not protecting and promoting our rights? How can we use the United Nations?
The UK Government and the NI Executive have agreed to ‘protect and promote’ the human rights of disabled people by signing up to the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities. They have also agreed to take part in a review every 4 years so that the United Nations can check whether disabled people’s human rights are being upheld by the UK Government, NI Executive and public bodies in NI like Health Boards, education providers and councils.
The next time the United Nations will review the United Kingdom is likely to be in 2023. They will look at what the United Kingdom and NI Executive have done since the last review in 2017.

Nothing about us without us!

It’s important that the United Nations hear about the lived experience of disabled people. Before the next review, you have the chance to tell the United Nations what you think about how your human rights are being protected and promoted.

Disability Action is running a project to gather evidence on disabled people’s views and experiences on behalf of the Equality Commission.

As part of this project, we are hosting discussions which aim to inform disabled people their organisations and allies about the United Nations review and to ask them what issues the report should cover.

Please come to our FREE online webinar “Nothing about us without us!” The Human Rights of d/Deaf and Disabled People on Wednesday 24 November at 1.30pm-3.00pm:

  • Find out about disabled people’s human rights and the Convention on the Rights of Disabled People.
  • Learn more about how United Nations monitoring works from our guest speaker, Tony O’Reilly, from the North West Forum for People with Disabilities, and the important role that disabled people, Disabled People’s Organisations and civil society can play.
  • Look at the United Nations last report from 2017 and the recommendations it made and discuss what has happened since then.
  • Have your say and contribute to the next Civic Society report to the United Nations.

Who should come?

This webinar is for disabled people, Disabled People’s Organisations and members of wider civic society with an interest in disabled people’s rights such as groups representing people with protected characteristics, Unions and academics.

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