People who pay for their electricity by prepaid or keypad meter will receive a £600 energy payment voucher redeemable for cash at any Post Office up until the end of March.

Those who pay their electricity bill by direct debit will have the payment lodged directly into their bank account.

It’s expected the vouchers will start to arrive at homes from mid-January, with the scheme prioritising the most vulnerable households and will run for around four weeks.

Suppliers say they hope the vast majority of households will receive the payment by the end of the month.

People with disability and mobility issues

Those unable to attend a Post Office can nominate someone to redeem the voucher on their behalf.

The recipient must complete the template on the back of the voucher to provide written authorisation for the person they have nominated to redeem the payment.

To be able to redeem the payment on the recipient’s behalf at the Post Office, the nominated person must take:

  • the voucher with completed authorisation
  • the recipient’s photo ID and proof of address
  • the nominated person’s own photo ID
  • the recipient’s bank account details if the payment is to be made into their account
  • if the recipient is a keypad customer, the nominated person must show the recipient’s keypad app or top-up card

Payments to tenants

Depending on your electricity supplier and whether you pay by keypad or prepaid meter, the voucher will either be addressed to the account holder by name, or as the householder or occupier.

Where the account holder is the landlord and the voucher is sent naming them or another agent, the tenant is still the recipient of the payment and it must be passed to them.

The landlord should be aware the payment must be passed on to the tenant who is the qualifying recipient, and if it is not, they should be contacted to inform them this is the case.

Building Society Account Holders

It’s understood that the £600 cannot be paid into a Building Society account even if the electricity bill is paid by direct debit from that account.

Where this is the case the account holder will receive a voucher in line with those who pay by keypad and prepaid meter.

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