1 in 4 people in Northern Ireland are disabled people, yet we continue to experience barriers in accessing housing, transport, employment, education, leisure, health and public services. 

The Disability Employment Gap is growing. We are more likely to experience discrimination. We need access to decent well-paid jobs.

Life costs more for disabled people and our families.  We have always had to spend more on essentials including heating, insurance, and equipment.   As the cost of living continues to soar- many of us are facing impossible choices in order to survive and are under severe financial pressure.  Many of us including disabled children need lifesaving equipment which is powered by electricity in order to survive- this includes ventilators, feeding pumps, electric wheelchairs, and stair lifts.   Energy prices have soared, and we have no options but to pay these costs.  For disabled people this is the real cost of living.  

There are not enough accessible homes, buildings, and transport. This means that many of us are locked out of everyday life.

We are more likely to experience abuse. If we do experience violence or abuse, we often have nowhere to turn.

We do not have adequate access to accessible play and toileting facilities.

We are in the midst of a public services and political crisis.  Disabled People need sustainable services and government.

Disability Action are asking for cross party support to ensure that Disabled People are not left behind.  We are asking you to endorse our Manifesto for Change. Ask your representatives for their endorsement of our Manifesto for Change.

You can read more here: manifestole(002).pdf