Employing a disabled apprentice makes good business sense. By opening up apprenticeship opportunities to disabled people you can:

  • Connect to a wider pool of potential employees
  • Gain a new and diverse range of skills and experience
  • Enhance diversity and inclusion in your organisation
  • Increase disability awareness within your workforce
  • Ensure you are an equal opportunity employer

Disabled people have a broad range qualifications, skills and experience which are relevant to all sectors and roles. Plus disabled people problem solve continually on a daily basis - much more than someone who has not got a disability. Disabled people can also provide a different perspective to help develop new and innovative ideas, products, and services. These attributes are extremely desirable for any employer. 

If you want to find out more about taking on a disabled apprentice contact:

Lisa McVeigh, Training Support Services Manager (Temporary) Mobile: 07967 737470 E-mail: [email protected] or Anne Reid, Job Match Manager (Interim), Mobile: 07767 112291 E-mail: [email protected]