Posted 17.09.2020

Orla McCann is speaking at the AgendaNi Digital Government 2020 Virtual Conference on 12th November.

Orla will talk about ‘The ONSIDE Project: Encouraging digital involvement in the community’.

The conference will provide a valuable opportunity to bring together key stakeholders to gain insight into the government’s objectives for digital transformation and hear directly from those responsible for driving this forward.  

There has perhaps been no bigger challenge in recent times than what we are currently facing – the coronavirus pandemic – something that has sharply brought into focus the need for public service organisations to be responsive, resilient and agile. This online conference will feature a range of expert speakers who will talk about their digital transformation journey and look ahead to what’s next.

Click here to read about the conference and full list of speakers.

Orla leads the ONSIDE project which is enabling disabled people to take advantage of digital technology and the internet to become more engaged in their community and to promote good practice in accessibility.

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