Posted 16.01.2021

Earlier this week Miriam Bacon, one of our Workable NI/Employment Support Scheme Managers, presented at 3 Nations Dementia Working Group (3NDWG) Webinar: Support & Your Rights. 

The Dementia Statements reflect the things people with dementia have said are essential to their quality of life. Grounded in human rights law, the Dementia Statements are a rallying call to improve the lives of people with dementia and to recognise that they shouldn’t be treated differently because of their diagnosis. Click here to read more about Dementia Statements & Rights.

The 3NDWG is a working group of people living with dementia across England, Northern Ireland and Wales. Members are based all across the three nations, creating a network of voices on dementia who can lead on regional projects. 

Watch the webinar and other 3NDWG events here