Posted 15.05.2021

Creating an inclusive environment that benefits business owners, consumers and employees.

The new Tom and Ruth Harkin Center, home of The Harkin Institute* for Public Policy & Citizen Engagement at Drake University, USA, is featured in the Business Record’s recently-published Annual Real Estate Magazine. 

Harkin Institute Policy Director Amy Bentley and BNIM Architects Kevin Nordmeyer and Jason Kruse wrote a column for the magazine highlighting how an inclusive environment can benefit business owners, consumers and employees. The column and accompanying photos highlight universal design and examples of inclusive building concepts present throughout the Harkin Center.

Disability inclusion, as realized through universal design, is a vital component to any conversation on creating equity within our organizations and systems.  

*In June 2022 Disability Action NI and the Department for Communities will host the Harkin Summit in Belfast which will be delivered in partnership with the Harkin Institute and will bring together key champions and implementors from around the world to increase the profile and awareness of employment for disabled people.

Nothing About Us Without Us.

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