Posted 08.03.2022

Disability Action are delighted to celebrate International Women's Day with The Green Party as part of our Election Special Engagement series on Friday 11 March 2022 at 11.30am.

Join Rachel Woods MLA and Malachai O’Hara, Green Party Councillor for Castle, North Belfast and Joanne Sansome to explore how to advance the rights of d/Deaf and Disabled People.

Rachel Woods MLA is a specialist in Research and Champion for adequate social protection.  Rachel is working hard to advance the rights of d/Deaf and Disabled Women and Children.

Malachai O'Hara is a Community Development and LGBTQI+ activist. Mal is passionate about suicide prevention and has worked hard for communities that suffered the most during the conflict and who continue to face challenges.

Joanne Sansome is a member of the Disability Research Network at Queens.  She is a Disability Rights Activist and Author.

The event will be opened by Nuala Toman.

Nuala Toman is the Head of Policy, Communications, Information and Advocacy at Disability Action. In this role she is advancing the rights of d/Deaf and disable people.  Nuala is a d/Deaf and Disabled Person and a Human Rights Activist. Nuala is a Board member of the NI Museum Council, Board Member of CnaG, Council Member of CMS, Vice Chair of Thrive, Board Member of the Human Rights Consortium, Member of the Equality Coalition, the UK UNCRPD Steering Group, Reclaim the Agenda, and the Women's Budget Group. Nuala has recently published research undertaken on behalf of the Equality Commission which assess progress to advance Disability Rights in NI since 2017.

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