The encompass Programme vision is for an electronic health and care record for every citizen in Northern Ireland that better informs and supports their health and wellbeing throughout their life, is built on a digital platform that streamlines services and patient journeys and links information across primary, secondary, community and social care.

The encompass programme has been established to bring together technology and transformation of Health and Social Care Northern Ireland (HSCNI) and will deliver a single health and care record across the HSCNI to support more joined-up working and replace all existing hospitals’ Patient Administration Systems and a multitude of other clinical and care systems (emergency department, maternity, pharmacy, theatres, mental health etc.).

The encompass programme is currently at the procurement stage. This is the process to select a partner to work with to deliver and implement an Electronic Health and Care Record (EHCR) across Health and Social Care services throughout Northern Ireland. We plan to have chosen this partner by the end of March 2019 and have a target of October 2020 for the first Trust to go live with using the system.

Patient Portal

A core element of encompass will be the provision of a patient portal to give people access to their information and ways to access Health and Social Care services digitally, including managing appointments and interacting with the health and care team.


Why We Are Consulting

We have worked with the service users and carers who are part of the eHealth Personal and Public (PPI) Design Group to develop this involvement opportunity. This is part of the plan to ensure that the ECHR and the changes to how we deliver services that it will enable are designed and tested by people who will use the system and who use and/or deliver our health and care services.

Programme of work

Evaluating Demonstrations

We are asking you to help us score demonstrations made by the final 4 companies bidding to be our partner. These demonstrations will show what their patient portal has the potential to do and how it will work for the people who will use it.

This feedback we get from you from scoring these demonstrations will be used to help us select the supplier that will be our partner in delivering encompass.

We are seeking to engage a group of people to be involved in these sessions.

It is important to understand that this is one element of the procurement decision – there is the chance that the patient portal demonstration that you liked the most may not be the final winning bid as there are other elements in the procurement to be taken into account. However comments and suggestions you make will inform how the patient portal will be further developed.

Registering for future involvement opportunities

This is not a one-off exercise, there will be further opportunities throughout the programme to be involved as we work with the partner selected to configure the system and our services for Northern Ireland.

If you are unable to take part in the demonstration evaluations, we would like to retain your details so that we can offer you future involvement opportunities. Please advise if you are happy for us to do so and we will keep your details on record for a two year period.



If you are interested in getting involved with us, we are asking that you:

  • Attend an initial information session on 17th October
  • Attend 4 x 2 hour daily sessions on 12th – 16th November 2018.  Each 2 hour session will commence at 11.15am and will include watching a 90 minute audio-visual demonstration and you will then be required to score this objectively against agreed criteria.  All sessions will be held in theClayton Hotel, 22 - 26 Ormeau Avenue, Belfast, BT2 8HS.
  • Attend a de-briefing session to ensure all your thoughts/comments are captured to help the selection process.
  • Have relatively recent experience of using HSC services or caring for a service user.
  • Have an understanding of computer and smart phone technology.
  • Have an interest in digital transformation, service and quality improvement.
  • Be prepared to sign up to a strict confidentiality agreement in respect of the demonstration sessions and the encompass procurement.


To support you to fulfil this role, we will:

  • provide an induction on the programme of work, your role in this work and training in how we would like you to evaluate the demonstrations;
  • reimburse out of pocket expenses in line with HSC reimbursement policye.g. travel and childcare costs;
  • provide refreshments  before and lunch following the demonstration sessions;
  • consider reasonable requests for hotel accommodation and evening meals for those unable to travel daily to Belfast. 



The commitment that we are asking of you is as follows:

  • Register your interest with your local encompass lead (as detailed below) or the central team ([email protected]) by 28th September 2018
  • Attend an induction and training session for service users and carers from 11.00am to 1pm, Wednesday 17th October 2018
  • Attend daily sessions 12th, 13th, 15th, 16th November 2018, in a central Belfast location for approximately 2 hours from 11.15am.
  • Attend a debriefing session in the Belfast area after the demonstration week to feedback more generally on considerations for the programme and review the impact of the involvement.

How to apply and contact details

If you would like more information or to talk to your local representative about this role before registering your interest, contact your local encompass lead at:


Denise Lynd [email protected]


Angela Mervyn [email protected]



Stephanie Tohill [email protected]


South Eastern:

Stephen Powell [email protected]



Catherine Weaver [email protected]



Ronnie Oldcroft [email protected]


Paula McGuinness [email protected]



At this stage we are looking for a limited number of people. If you are not asked to take part at this time please do not be disappointed.   We welcome your interest and would like to keep your name for future involvement opportunities as we move beyond procurement and into configuring and implementing the chosen solution. 

Please note: By completing and returning this application form you are giving consent for your information to be held by the organisation for the duration of this recruitment exercise. All information will be held securely and will not be shared with other parties without your permission.

If you are interested in staying involved and content for us to keep your details for 2 years, please indicate this on your registration form.