Posted 03.12.2020

1 in 5 people in Northern Ireland have a disability. We believe in human rights for all.

We work with people with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, sensory disabilities, hidden disabilities and mental health disabilities.

Our Vision is for a society which is inclusive, adapts to meet the needs of people with disabilities, rather than one that expects them to fit in. A society that recognises disabled people's right to be different and to live their life in a way which meets their particular needs without prejudice.

We work to promote, protect and uphold the human rights of disabled people.

The Northern Ireland Assembly is consulting on the creation of a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland. This consultation was set up by the Ad Hoc Committee on a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland. The Committee wants to hear your views and understand how you feel about the creation of a Bill of Rights in Northern Ireland.

The deadline to complete the survey has been extended until Friday, 29th January 2021.

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