This benefit is for children who need help with their personal care and / or mobility as a result of an illness and/or disability. Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for children is not means tested and is not affected by other benefits.

There are two components to Child DLA:

  • Care Component

  • Mobility Component

There is a mobility component, (paid at two rates), for children who have mobility needs such as being to walk outdoors or who would require guidance or supervision on an unfamiliar route.  To qualify for the low rate mobility component they must be aged over 5 years, and for the high rate mobility component they must be aged over 3yrs

The care component, (paid at three rates), for children need help with things like eating, washing, getting dressed and going on social activities.  There is no lower age limit for the care component, but as there is a three month qualifying time, it will not usually be paid until the child is three months old.

If the child is terminally ill there is no qualifying period and they can be paid the care component from birth.

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