Briefing papers are developed by our Policy Committee. The Policy Committee has representation from staff, Strategic Advisory Group members and representation from member groups.

Rather than being responsive to policy, these papers aim to add to debate on issues and inform policy development. Although some of the papers are old we have kept them on here as they provide a context for the currently policy environment.

Broken Promises 2.0 Final January 2018

Reform of Adult Social Care in Northern Ireland Briefing Paper September 2018 

Education UNCRPD Briefing Paper NI 2018

Employment UNCRPD Briefing Paper NI 2018

Independent Living UNCRPD Briefing Paper NI 2018              

Assisted Dying 2010

Budget and Comprehensive Spending Review November 2010

Disability Sexual Health, Reproductive Rights and Sterilization 2012

Disability Sexual Health Contraception and Screening 2012

Concessionary Charging Policy Updated August 2016

Digital_Inclusion People with Disabilities July 2011

Disability and Carers Briefing on Welfare Reform 2012

Disability and Housing Policy 2014

Disability Hate Crime Paper 2014

Draft Programme for Government Indicator 42 Disability Actions Response 2017

Employment for People with Disabilities in Tough Economic Times November 2010

Exiting the EU - Concerns for Disabled People in Northern Ireland 2017

Fuel Poverty Disability 2011

Independent Living Briefing Paper November 2009

Is Adult Social Care Legislation and Policy Compliant with Article 19 of UNCRPD 2017

Multiple identity Multiple Exclusions and Human Rights.The experiences of people with disabilities who identify as LGBT people living in Northern Ireland 2015

Northern Ireland Alternative Report on the Implementation of the UNCRPD in NI 2017

Northern Ireland Disability Strategy - Broken Promises 2016

Northern Ireland Executive - Draft Programme for Government Framework 2016 - 2021 Disability Action Response

People with disabilities from ethnic minorities in Northern Ireland 2014