The ONSIDE project is a cross border project created to address the social isolation experienced by disabled people. ONSIDE’s aim is to enable disabled people to create community connections - both locally and online.

ONSIDE’s co-production research project on inclusive play has developed a model of practice to hear the voices of all, despite the challenges of
communication differences.

The parents/carers who responded to the inclusive play survey
represented the experience of 27 disabled children and young people aged

30% of respondents were responding on behalf of a non-verbal child or
young person with no speech.

ONSIDE know that many disabled children and young people may not
be able to articulate verbally to express their views.
ONSIDE have gone on to provide opportunities for approximately 60 children and young
people to engage in creative representations of their views.

As in all our work, we cannot underestimate the importance of developing a model of practice which ascertains the views of all, despite the challenges of communication differences. It is also important to highlight the potential impact on children and young people for whom play is not accessible and how that may manifest through the life course.

For a model of practice to be truly impactful, it must be developed, as this one has been, through engaging disabled CYP. This solution focussed model on overcoming communication difficulties ensues all CYP views are enabled through participation and gives due weight to them in accordance with their age and stage of maturity.