Disability Action is proud to support the Community Relations Council in celebrating Good Relations Week 2023. 

Good Relations 2023 will deliver the positive message of embracing ‘Togetherness’ for meaningful change. 

It will help shine a light on the efforts of individuals and organisations who come together, share ideas, experiences, and perspectives, to tackle everything from sectarianism and racism to gender inequality, shared spaces, peace-building, and cultural diversity. 

The annual celebration of peace building and cultural diversity work will run from Monday 18th to Sunday 24th September 2023 – and Disability Action wants to help ensure as many local individuals, groups and organisations get involved and embrace working ‘Together’.

The theme for Good Relations Week 2023 is ‘Together’ and will highlight the importance of local organisations working collaboratively and collectively to drive meaningful progress towards building a shared future for everyone. 

The Community Relations Council would love to see many individuals and organisations participate and register physical events, online events or even some pieces of online content. Some examples could be workshops, lectures, discussion panels, music or theatre performances, exhibitions, archive videos, short film showings and so much more! Check out the event toolkit for more info on the type of events you can run. 

There is an abundance of good relations work that takes place across our region, so events can cover any aspect of your good relations efforts.

It’s time to shine a light on all the AMAZING good relations work that’s taking place right across Northern Ireland, so please get involved and help us reinforce the message of togetherness to achieve meaningful change. 

Register your Event!

If you would like to register a physical event, online event or piece of online content, you can do it right here. 

All you have to do is create an account (if you don’t already have one), log-in and register your event using the automated online registration system. 

Once you have registered you will receive an automatic email confirming all details of your event. 

Deadline: 5pm on Friday 1st September 2023 

Need grant Support for an Idea?

The Community Relations Council is keen to support as many community-based organisations as possible to assist with hosting a physical event, online event or support with the creation of some digital content for Good Relations Week 2023.   


Thank you in advance for all your interest and participation! If you have any questions, please feel free to email [email protected]. 

Disability Action 


Here to Help!

If you need some help coming up with an idea for an in-person or online event or a piece of digital content, feel free to contact [email protected] and they will organise a call and help brainstorm some ideas for your upcoming event!