Posted 16.09.2021

ONSIDE Peer Volunteers offer digital support to the project’s participants. Through this support, online Men and Women’s groups have been created. These Drop-In groups, delivered via Zoom, have organically grown from digital training cohorts, as participants finishing their training were seeking a safe space online to meet other disabled people.

Online groups specifically created for disabled people in N Ireland and R.o.I. border counties are rare but ONSIDE’s Drop-in groups are filling this void.

These groups bring disabled people together in a safe and relaxed environment to chat about shared experiences, topical issues, hobbies and to have a bit of craic. There are occasional quizzes held and guest speakers invited along.  They Drop-In groups are just that, drop-in, no invitation needed.

Women’s Group runs on Mondays from 3:30 – 4:30 pm

OMG (Onside Men’s Group) is at 11:00 am each Wednesday 

To receive the zoom link for either group or to find out more, contact Elaine Roub, Peer Volunteer Coordinator: [email protected]

Read more about the Drop-In Groups 

Elaine Hammill, one of the women’s group participants, says that meeting new people in the group has been a lifesaver for her. 

Listen to the video below to hear more about the men’s group from Nigel and Michael.