September 2018

Disability Action Response to the Independent Review of Personal Independence Payment.

Disability Action's Policy Commmittee has consider the recommendations made in the report and has developed a briefing paper on the issues.  You can read a copy here.

July 2018
Independent Review of PIP assessment published

The Independent Review of the Personal Independence Payment Assessment Process delivered its findings last week. The Review can be found here.

The Review made 14 recommendations, including that the Department for Communities develop straightforward material describing the PIP assessment process, and that the Department for Communities introduce audio-visual recording of assessments in both home and assessment centre locations. The Review has highlighted many of the issues that we know disabled people are experiencing when applying for PIP.  The recommendations now need to be implemented and the Department needs to directly engage with disabled people to ensure that there are improvements to the system. The UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities has made clear recommendations on what needs to be done to change the system so that disabled people's human rights are not violated. 

The recommendations go some way to addressing the issues with PIP and the evidence that you gave to the review has helped highlight the issues. Therefore we wish to thank you all for taking the time to respond to the Call for Evidence. We would encourage you to contact your local MLA to ask them to ensure that the recommendations are implemented by the Department for Communities. 

Read the report

If you have any queries about the review please contact Patrick Malone on 02890 297880 or at [email protected]

March 2018
Independent Review of Personal Independence Payment – Further Update

On 16 March 2018 the call for evidence into the Independent Review of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) closed. Disability Action consulted widely with people with disabilities and their organisations around this when formulating our response to the call for evidence. Our submission can be found below.

The review team will publish its findings in due course. When this happens we will provide a further update.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all who contributed to our submission, and also to all those who submitted their own response. These responses will make a difference in how PIP is administered in Northern Ireland in the future. There may be ongoing work in respect of PIP in Northern Ireland and if there is we will also provide a further update.

If there are any queries about any of this please contact Patrick Malone on 02890 297880 or at [email protected]

PIP Independent Review of the Assessment Process (NI): Call for Evidence
Disability Action's Response

February 2018

Have your Say in the Independent Review of Personal Independence Payment

On the 20th December 2018 the Department for Communities (DfC) announced that the first Independent Review of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) would happen in Northern Ireland.  The Independent Review of PIP is a legal requirement under Welfare Reform Order (2015).  The independent review is meant to tell the DfC about people’s experiences of PIP and the review will make recommendations on what needs to be done to improve the experience of PIP for people in Northern Ireland.

The person appointed to undertake the Independent Review is Mr Walter Rader.  The review team launched their call for evidence on 15 January.  

People can respond as individuals or organisations can respond based on their experience and knowledge of supporting people through the PIP process.  Disability Action has lots of information that we can use but we want to make sure that as many individuals as possible respond. 

This is your opportunity to share your experiences and make sure your voice is heard in the Independent Review.  

The review team need to hear your experiences of the PIP process.  We know that many people have experienced difficulties, and this is your opportunity to share them with the review team.  The main areas that the review team are looking at are:

  • How the assessment process is operating;

  • Peoples’ experience of taking part in the process;

  • Perceptions of health care professionals and other staff involved in carrying out the assessment: and

  • How effectively further evidence is being used to assist the correct claim decision. 

It is important for you to take the time to respond to try and improve the system and ensure that Government takes account of what people are saying.

This is your opportunity to have your say and it’s important that the review team hear from as many individuals as possible.

There are a number of ways to respond as an individual – so please take 20 minutes and complete the questionnaire. 

You can find the questionnaire on the DfC website:

The call closes on the 16th March 2018so please send your responses directly to the Independent Review Team.  (Please do not send to Disability Action). 

If you use social media then let us know you have sent your response by using the #pipni on twitter or tag us on Facebook.