Looking for and trying to get a new job can be a bit overwhelming. Our Job Match Employment Officers (EOs) can help with your Job Search & Job Preparation - helping you to find and stay in paid work.

Located across N.Ireland the Job Match team can support you - from updating a CV and matching your skills to get a job, completing a job application and preparing for interview to progress into paid work - to helping you explore a new business idea and support you on the road to self-employment.

The team will work with both you and local employers in your local area to get the right job for you. 

Meet Job Match User Frankie:

"The journey started over year ago when I was advised to join the Disability Action Job Match program by my Workcoach at my local JBO. I agreed and started working with one of best advisers I could possibly wish for Heather. At the time I started I was in a dark place, levels of being down and anxiety. It got to a stage I refused to put down on application forms my condition of epilepsy because I felt I wasn’t being selected because of that.

While working with Heather, my confidence began to get lot better, I started to believe in myself again and most importantly my own abilities. 

One of my favourite parts of the program was ‘Meet the Employer’ days over Microsoft teams and zoom. It give me the opportunity to talk to employers. In December 2021 I took part in a ‘meet the employer’ day were I had the chance to speak to the HR manager of JP Corry. It was very good discussion and I was asked to forward my CV. 

At the beginning of February 2022, I received a call from Heather to see if I would be interested in an administrative position work trial in Castledawson branch, this was to help me get familiar with their systems etc and to see how I would get and if I was the right person for JP Corry as well.  I agreed to this proposal and within a couple of weeks, I was offered an Admin position for 16 hours. 

After a month of being in the paid job, my hours were increased to 20 hours per week at JP Corry (Castledawson site). This new opportunity has increased my confidence, self esteem and getting out again meeting new people. Like a family member said it’s good to see ‘Frankie back again’.

I have to thank Heather for the support an help while on the program. This would never off happened if it wasn’t for her so thank you so so much!!

The program also has been excellent - help and support was always there when needed. I would 100% encourage anyone with disability or anyone who feel disadvantaged from getting employment to join this program."

Frankie's employer Ryan had this to say:

"I originally spoke with Heather and Frankie on the phone in March of this year with
regards a placement in our Castledawson Branch in an admin role – we set up an
interview in the branch - Frankie came across quite shy and anxious and we both
agreed that he would start the following week on a trial basis to see how he fitted
into the team and to see how he felt about the work environment. Frankie soon
fitted in and after the week was up we spoke and he really seemed to enjoy it –
we had a position to cover maternity leave and Frankie started on a 16 hour
contract – Frankie is now looking after cash postings, answering phones and
serving customers with a new found confidence and most importantly doing it with
a smile on his face, he’s been a breath of fresh air. Frankie has now since
increased is working hours to 20 hours per week.

Heather and Disability Action have been a great support to both Frankie and our
business throughout the process and I look forward to dealing with them in the
future and hopefully together we can unearth a few more Frankies!"

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