Posted 14.10.2021

We recently advertised for volunteers to support our Job Match team who help our participants with disabilities prepare for and secure employment. The response was amazing and Disability Action is delighted to welcome Anne, Daniel, John and Richie as new volunteers on our Job Match programme. Each volunteer brings unique skills and experience to our organisation.

Anne McSorley has significant experience in customer service roles, primarily in the travel industry.

She successfully completed a degree in Psychology & Criminology while working as a long-haul Cabin Crew member for a well-known airline. During her degree, Anne also achieved an additional module on mental health studies.  

Anne has a keen interest in health and well-being and has recently qualified as a Yoga teacher.

She is looking forward to her new role providing hands-on support within the Job Match programme.

Her interests include hiking (such as mountain walks) and live music. She is also currently learning how to play guitar. 

Daniel Cartin has recently graduated with a degree in Architecture. He is currently forging a career as an Access Auditor.  

He continuously seeks opportunities to expand his skillset and knowledge. Daniel has successfully provided consultation for people with disabilities through Inclusive Design – i.e., the provision of accessible environments regardless of age, gender, and disability.

His role within Disability Action involves the development of marketing materials, technical support and consultation.

Daniel’s favourite pastimes include relaxing with audiobooks, travelling, and immersing himself in videogames. He also enjoys TV, cinema (e.g., action movies, comedies, sci-fi), spending time with friends, and getting outdoors with his Miniature Schnauzer dog.


John Stewart is a recent graduate of Sociology and History (BA Hons).

John was initially attracted to volunteering for Disability Action when he read about how successful the Job Match programme has been for both participants and employers. He is keen to learn from Supported Employment Officers (SEOs) and the vital work they do on behalf of disabled participants.

John’s role within Disability Action utilises his analytical skills, such as providing labour market analysis, developing surveys, and database analysis.  

In his spare time, John enjoys relaxing by reading (particularly History), jogging, and looking after his pet cats. 


Richie Montague has a background in academia, and in freelance editorial work. Several years ago, he completed a PhD study on the topic of hate crime in Belfast. Since then, he has been involved in various research projects within public sector and community and voluntary sector organisations.

Richie is passionate about support for pan-disability initiatives; for instance, he has provided academic support for students with learning disabilities within local universities.

His role within Disability Action involves research, the development of written materials, and editorial consultation.

He enjoys relaxing with books, TV comedies, playing bass guitar, and getting outdoors with his two dogs.

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