My name is Richard Marrs and I live in Ballymena. On 27 March 2017, I started my job in James McNeill Grocery in Broughshane as a ‘Handyman/Caretaker’. I really enjoy the job. My job involves emptying bins, cutting up cardboard and plastic, keeping the store and carpark clean and tidy and any other duties required of me.

I enjoy getting out to my job each morning and seeing people. I only work 2 hours per day, 5 days per week, but when I get started in the morning, the 2 hours is not long in going in! I am alwaysbusy and I get on very well with all my work colleagues and the boss. I am very happy in my job and love getting up early each day to come to work.

I just want to say a huge big ‘thank you’ to Heather Logan my Employment Officer from Disability Action for getting me the job all those 6 years ago and all the support and encouragement she has provided to me. Heather helped me gain my confidence back, my motivation and my joy of working with others. Heather Logan is a ‘No 1 Support Worker’ – I wouldn’t be where I am today without her, so thank you! My boss, Mr James McNeill, is a wee gentleman to work for, if you do your work and get on with it, he is happy! He is a good man to work for so thank you!

I would highly recommend this Job Match project to anyone with a disability who is looking for help and support into employment – it has changed my life and can change yours too!

richard smiling at camera